Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mark Steyn should be mandatory reading these days. This guy has an ability to see the "big picture" in so many situations, and the gift to voice it with cunning wit.

Politics trumps Left's empathy

The short life of Gabriel Santorum would seem a curious priority for political discourse at a time when the Brokest Nation in History is hurtling toward its rendezvous with destiny. But needs must, and victory by any means necessary. In 2008, the Left gleefully mocked Sarah Palin's live baby. It was only a matter of time before they moved on to a dead one.

The Left's much-vaunted powers of empathy routinely fail when confronted by those who do not agree with them politically. Rick Santorum's conservatism is not particularly to my taste (alas, for us genuine right-wing crazies, it's that kind of year), and I can well see why fair-minded people would have differences with him on a host of issues from spending to homosexuality. But you could have said the same thing four years ago about Sarah Palin – and instead the Left, especially the so-called feminist Left, found it easier to mock her gleefully for the soi-disant retard kid and her fecundity in general... Rick Santorum lives his values, and that seems to bother the Left even more.

Never mind the dead kid, he has six living kids. How crazy freaky weird is that?

This crazy freaky weird: all those self-evidently ludicrous risible surplus members of the Santorum litter are going to be paying the Social Security and Medicare of all you normal well-adjusted Boomer yuppies who had one designer kid at 39. So, if it helps make it easier to "empathize," look on them as sacrificial virgins to hurl into the bottomless pit of Big Government debt.

Articles like this always bring to mind an acquaintance of mine, a very witty fun woman who unfortunately became a liberal leftie through working for the New Democratic party. I recall, in a conversation at StarBucks, her calling Palin a "fraud". I remember feeling surprised by the venom in her voice and face.

That, to me, has become the significant moment that encapsulated what people like Steyn and Coulter call the intolerance of the liberal left. It was a surprise, because this woman had always been an example of kindness and consideration to me. What had made her change so radically?

Hanging out with people who think as social liberals do, and avoiding anyone on the other side of issues, will make anyone become like that. And I can only think "what a shame". But obviously, there is more at stake than just one person's change in personality. The future of western civilization is hanging upon just such changes.

I do not look forward to a society where those who mock Palin and Santorum are in charge. Because ultimately, what they are mocking are the very values that built the free western world.

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