Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Madness of Abortion

An unborn child has been killed, probably, while you were reading this. Another will die, almost certainly, before you’re done. We are slaughtering by the seconds, and the relentless motion of that murderous clock—tick, tock, tick, tock—can drive you mad, if you start listening to it.

A man I used to see in New York, call him Jimmy, slipped into the madness while I knew him. He would look at his watch, again and again, whenever we met—and sometimes he would say out loud but always he was thinking: Another one. Another one. Every thirty seconds, another one. Abortion dominated his life, which is a measure of his moral commitment. Abortion dominated his mind, as well—the evil of it, the stain he could feel laid over this nation—and that, too is a measure of moral commitment. And a measure of madness. His Catholicism was centered on opposition to abortion. His faith was shaped by his pain at the death of the little ones. His prayers were cries for vengeance. For God to come, now, and burn this wicked world to the ground rather than allow another child to die—another one and another one, with the tick of every minute on his watch.

I don’t know. Maybe I have this whole analysis wrong. Jimmy is a strong man, in many ways, of unswerving commitment to the pro-life cause, but he is also weak, in many ways: fragile and easily broken. He went to Washington for the March for Life this year, as he does every year, but it did not inspire him. He wrote me to say that it had crushed him—caused him to realize, as it always does, that another year has gone by and still this scourge rakes the nation. Still the innocent are slaughtered. Still we are knee-deep in blood.
- The Madness of Abortion, by Joseph Bottum

It seems to me that, it is only as people like Jimmy hold to this cause in such a way that the battle will come to an end. People like Jimmy, people like Linda Gibbons, people like Lila Rose, who give their hearts and souls and entire lives over to this cause. People who are willing to be denounced as mad, as so single-minded and one-issued that they will risk all to bring an end to abortion.

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