Friday, January 13, 2012

Even the CBC is Talking about Abortion

In a recent interview with Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and Don Hutchison of Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, even the CBC has to admit that the abortion debate is being re-opened, despite Prime Minister Harper's statements to the contrary.

Watch the interview here

Arthur states that these efforts on the part of pro-life Conservative MPs are an attempt to see abortion re-criminalized, and that a poll indicates that 92% of Canadians do not want to see that. Hutchison responded that Arthur's statement is false since two polls show that 80% of Canadians did not know that Canada has no laws to protect the unborn, and that when they learn that, 62% expressed their opinion that we should have some legislation to protect the child in the womb.

As Hutchison states, Canada and the Netherlands are the only countries in the developed world that have no protection for the unborn; this puts us in the same group as China, North Korea, and Vietnam.

As I continue to read the biography of Bonhoeffer, I can`t get this thought out of my head

Years from now, when we look back, will we be ashamed to have been on the wrong side of history?

h/t Run with Life

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