Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ending abortion will not be pretty

No, what I mean is, like the emancipation of slaves, the end to abortion will be something that law will have to force on the unwilling half of the country. It may not be physically bloody, but it will be uncomfortable.
Kristen Walker, in LifeSiteNews

I guess this is true. Since polls show that pro-choice and pro-life are pretty much evenly divided (51% pro-life latest poll), the ending of abortion will not go down without a fight.

Just as ending slavery involved a civil war in the US, and getting women the vote involved jail times for suffragettes, so too abortion may bring a crisis in society. How can it not since those who want the status quo to remain are often violently oppposed to those who want in-utero life protected?

Now, before anyone comments that pro-lifers are the violent ones, let me refer you to this site

Pro-Abortion Violence

Detailed documentation shows that pro-abortionists have murdered an incredible 1,306 people since 1966. Since they prefer to attack the weak, 92 percent of their victims have been women and children. And it staggers the imagination to realize that no pro-abortion group has ever denounced this kind of sickening violence.

The most pitiful deaths of all are the murders of pregnant mothers. As the documentation on Human Life International's Abortion Violence website shows, pro-abortionists have raped, tortured, beaten, strangled, poisoned, stabbed, burned, murdered, and even buried alive pregnant women, many of them in their last trimester, because they refused to have abortions.

Abortionists and pro-abortion activists have violently attacked those who oppose them in literally hundreds of incidents. They have attacked pro-lifers with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, and other pro-abortionists have applauded and supported these actions.

Pro-abortionists have raped, forcibly aborted, and killed their patients. They have gleefully tortured and murdered their girlfriends and wives. They have botched third-trimester abortions and callously walked away to leave their victims to die -- and then have tried to justify their actions with whining and empty excuses.

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