Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Abortion Debate in Canada

As all Canadians know, Prime Minister Harper has said repeatedly that he will not re-open the abortion issue. But with calls for debate on this coming from several directions, he may not be able to avoid it.

The latest is this

Evangelical leaders call Parliament to open abortion debate

“Medicine recognizes a point of viability for a child in the womb. Science is prepared to experiment using pre-natal human tissue from conception onward. Yet, Canada’s Criminal Code states that a child in the womb is not human,” explained Sonier. “The Criminal Code provisions on this point are dumbfounding.”

“Parliament needs to examine these provisions; consider their historical roots; and, debate whether they make sense in twenty-first century Canada,” urged Sonier. “As Canadians become more aware of what the laws stipulate, they will be astounded.”

“The wording of these laws is very confusing,” states Sonier. “The meaning is from a distant and less medically advanced society. The language of a now ancient time is far from obvious in the current century. As a nation, we need to ask ourselves if these convoluted laws and archaic concepts reflect our values, modern medicine and our understanding of human rights and human life. If they don’t, our political representatives need to take action.”

And with several Members of Parliament (Stephen Woodworth, Kitchener Center and Jeff Watson, Essex) calling for this as well, the issue may be asserting itself, despite Harper's refusal to open it in Parliament.

Canadian MP calls for abortion debate in Parliament

“I support this discussion in Parliament of all places. I mean, where else should it be happening? Around the water cooler?” Tory MP Jeff Watson (Essex) told LifeSiteNews on Tuesday.

Watson is at least the fifth MP since September to call for a debate on abortion in the wake of the Conservative government’s controversial decision to award a grant to the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the world’s largest abortion provider.

On Tuesday, Watson told LifeSiteNews that he does not have a “definitive position” on when human rights ought to apply to children in the womb, but hopes for a debate involving testimony from bioethicists, scientists, and human rights professionals around that question.

I would like to hear from the Canadian Conference of Bishops echo the sentiments of the Evangelical leaders, but aside from Archbishop Prendergast and Cardinal Ouellette, their silence is deafening.

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