Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trust Bishops? hmmm....

At the recent CCCB conference, Archbishop Richard Smith made the statement that Canadian Catholics should not be too worried about Development and Peace and that we should trust the bishops to move forward on this.

In his comments to Gyapong, Archbishop Smith said the bishops want to call people “back to a fundamental trust in our process, trust in our structures and trust in our bishops.” - LifeSiteNews

So On December 19, Bishop Raymond Lahey was in court to receive sentencing for his crime of downloading child pornography onto his computer. He was caught by an immigration official upon re-entering Canada from a trip to Thailand.

In a sexual history inventory, Lahey revealed to Bradford that he had engaged in “a number of one-night stands” before settling into a “longstanding relationship that has lasted 10 years.” Lahey said he hopes to continue the relationship when he leaves prison.
Dr. John Bradford, the psychiatrist who assessed Lahey for both the Crown and the defence, confirmed Lahey told him he would still be a bishop if he had not been caught.
- Deborah Gyapong

There have been many reports of people knowing about Lahey's conduct while in Newfoundland and yet no one said a thing. I am sure that fellow clergy would have known about this; even if it was the stuff of "inside jokes".

Why did no one say anything? If Lahey was carrying on a homosexual relationship for ten years while being an active bishop in the Canadian Catholic Church, someone knew about this and there was a conspiracy of silence.

So now, we are supposed to "trust our bishops"? I think that is a bit of a stretch. Canadian Catholics have been deeply betrayed by the bishops, not by all but more than by just a few. Unless we see transparency and honesty on the part of bishops, it will be extremely hard to trust them again. On any issue.

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