Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Tide is Turning

From a post on National Catholic Reporter, Jennifer Fulwiler writes:

Wait a sec…nobody is denying that this is a baby!

I have been reading sites like this since I first got online. I have been following this kind of subject for years, both when I was pro-choice and now that I’m pro-life. And I can say with certainty: This would not have been the tenor of the conversation 10 years ago—or even five. Even as recently as 2006, there would have been a flood of “it’s just a fetus, who cares?” remarks, and the debate would have centered around whether the child was even worthy of a funeral.

Thanks to the Duggars for publicly recognizing their miscarried baby.

Read the entire article here Pro-Lifers, the Tide Just Turned

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