Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Linda Gibbons - well said

For it is not just the physical threat posed by protesters that these injunctions seek to avoid, but the painful self-reflection - both personal and societal - that the protesters' presence imposes on a nation that has brushed the issue of abortion under the carpet.

Abortion is undeniably controversial. And there are certainly arguments to be made that in 1994, establishing a small, protected bubble around abortion clinics may have been a reasonable step to take in a tense environment. But now, in the final days of 2011, there is no justification for the temporary injunction to be used ever again against Ms. Gibbons or a similarly peaceful protester. To do so is to abuse the coercive power vested by the state in our police and courts. It must stop. Yes, Ms. Gibbons is violating the law, but the completely disproportionate response of the state has been the only real injustice. - National Post

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