Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Abortions Under Reported in Ontario

And probably in other provinces too. Kudos to Patricia Maloney for getting this information from the Dept of Health.

Run with Life blog

What is surprising in the information is the number of doctors who performed abortions in their offices. Alveda King says that this was how she had one abortion, almost before she knew what was happening. Her doctor decided that she wasn't ready for another baby and he conveniently removed "the contents of her uterus" during an examination. I wonder how many other times this is done?

In the book I read recently, The Death Peddlers by Fr. Paul Marx, there was one doctor in Oregon who was advocating that all doctors do this and provide abortions for women as soon as they suspected they were pregnant. Why wait for any tests? Why wait for anything? Simply perform a D & C in the office. He claimed that it would clear up the backlog of abortions waiting to be done and would be so much more economical.

I don't know about you, but I find it hard to not get de-sensitised with the glut of abortion information that is around. It is so easy to just read these articles and see these facts, and overlook the issue which is that every single one of these "abortions" takes the life of a human person. No matter how small.

If we could see all of this with the eyes of God, wouldn't we be blown away?

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