Saturday, December 17, 2011

Abortion jeopardizes everyone's freedom

Two years ago, I signed up to receive Human Life Review, a compilation of lengthy articles on pro-life issues. The articles are in-depth and I have to admit that I often find it difficult to wade through them (I think I suffer from mild ADD or I'm just fidgety as my husband would say).

The summer issue just arrived, I know it's no longer summer, but the articles are not written to be timely; they are meant to be enduring treatises.

One that I recommend is Abortion "Rights" and the Duty Not to Know by Edmund C. Hurlbutt.

To sum up, I think it would be fair to say that Hurlbutt's thesis is that the legalization of abortion sacrifices the underlying principle of the American Constitution on the "right to life" of every individual. And with legal abortion, we are now dealing with a society that is trying to function on the principle that everyone can determine their own truth to live by, and that we can somehow live peaceably with the inconsistencies that entails.

Some good quotes:
... the "right" to an abortion includes an implicit "duty not to know" the truth about abortion, and how the interaction between this duty and the disputed abortion right destroys the very coherence of our society.

The right to "privacy" within which the Roe Court discovered the right to abortion is itself an implicit act of enforced ignorance on those who might object. It obligates opponents, in effect, to agree that they have no intellectual right to know that abortion takes a human life, nor any moral right to know it is heinously wrong. Abortion is a private matter and thus requires ignorance from you in order to preserve the social peace.

The duty not to know came primarily as enforced biological and medical ignorance on women seeking abortions. Planned Parenthood and similar groups have thus vehemently opposed informed-consent laws, ... they also oppose parental-notification and consent laws that require parental participation in a minor girl's decision to abort.
Pro-life centers that offer women medical services, information on fetal development and abortion, and help in securing alternatives to abortion are also relentlessly attacked...
Numerous universities and colleges have denied pro-life students the right to form on-campus groups or even to distribute pro-life information. ..
Whole states, have forced all citizens to pay for tax-funded abortions, thus enforcing a duty not to know the abortion kills an innocent human being.

And his final paragraph:

Since abortion is not illegal- because it is, indeed, the premiere constitutional "right" of our times - then freedom itself, for all of society is threatened; and the human dignity of all, no longer found in reverence for universal human rights, is ultimately at stake.
The issue of legalized abortion is thus the political and cultural issue which surpasses any other claim on the human conscience today. It is the supreme human issue of our times. Without the protection of everyone's right to life, neither the Declaration of Independence nor any real freedom can long endure.

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