Monday, November 14, 2011

Stephanie Gray debates abortion at Ottawa U

View the Ottawa University debate here

Of interest are those pro-choicers who were invited to debate Stephanie but declined or did not bother to respond. View list here at Why the reticence? Lazy, as Andrea Mrozek suggests, or not feeling up to Ms. Gray's debating style?

Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for BioEthical Reform debates Jovan Morales of the Atheist Community of University of Ottawa

The usual audience shouts that display complete ignorance and rudeness on the part of some male students.

Stephanie, as usual, displays consistent logic while Jovan, while doing a fairly good job, falls down in the logic area. His position is logically flawed and he continues to resort to the statement that a woman has the right to get rid of something growing within her body, claiming that this growing being is not a "person". Several times, he refers to the Canadian law which states that the unborn are not persons, but that is precisely what pro-lifers are questioning: the morality of said law.

As anyone knows who has read history, there have been many instances of laws that have been immoral. e.g. Germany where it was perfectly legal to imprison and kill Jews, the US and Britain where it was perfectly legal to hold black people as slaves. As Stephanie says, personhood is a philosophical definition and is used arbitrarily. The conferring of personhood says more about us as a society than it does about the individual on whom we are conferring that personhood.

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