Monday, November 7, 2011

A "Right" to Abortion?

Yesterday, we concluded the 4th 40 Days for Life vigil in Halifax, NS. Today, the students from the Women's Centre at St. Mary's University have set up, as promised, outside the entrance to the Public Gardens.

First, let's be clear. Abortion has never been declared a "right" in Canada. Making this claim is manipulating words to make people believe what you say. Just as the word "choice" was put forward to advance the legalization of abortion, now the word "right" is put forward to justify that position.

Why do these students feel such a need to do this? After all, abortion is legal in Canada for any reason, at any point in a woman's pregnancy. Are they feeling threatened because a group of Christians prayed publicly for an end to abortion? They have the law on their side; why the need to convince the public of their position?

In the Morgentaler ruling, the court did not declare abortion a constitutional right. Only one of the seven Supreme Court Justices who heard the case, Madam Justice Bertha Wilson, wrote in support of a woman’s right to abortion, and then only in the first trimester of pregnancy. Dissenting Justices McIntyre and La Forest JJ. wrote in their opinion, “Save for the provisions of the Criminal Code permitting abortion where the life or health of the woman is at risk, no right of abortion can be found in Canadian law, custom or tradition and the Charter, including s.7, does not create such a right.” [emphasis added]

Furthermore, they stated that “there has always been a clear recognition of a public interest in the protection of the unborn and there is no evidence or indication of general acceptance of the concept of abortion at will in our society. The interpretive approach to the Charter adopted by this court affords no support for the entrenchment of a constitutional right of abortion.”
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I suspect that someone is feeling threatened by our public witness to life during the past 40 Days. Someone is feeling the need to tell the public that hey, abortion is my prerogative, don't think otherwise!

Perhaps "the lady doth protest too much".

Why is abortion the second most controversial word in the English language? (the first is "nigger") Why do these feminists not even use the word abortion in their signs? Could it be that the public would find that distasteful? It seems that people are comfortable with saying that women have the right of choice, but they can't bring themselves to say women are perfectly entitled to have abortions, which is essentially what they are saying.

One can hide the ugly reality behind these slogans, but the ugliness remains. And people know it. The reality of abortion is such that people cannot even bear to hear the word.

This is because abortion is the antithesis of normal human sympathies. Women are designed by nature to bond with their offspring; to terminate her child is the most un-womanly thing a woman can do.

Abortion is the big NO. With abortion, a woman puts her life before another's and says that the child's life is not as important as hers. Yes, there are many pressures upon women to abort, and our society certainly does not provide enough support for the women facing difficult pregnancies, but ultimately the woman chooses her lifestyle over the life of her baby. It is not even an equal matching of rights: the woman does not lose her life if she carries the baby, but the baby always loses its life if the mother chooses not to.

If we are speaking of rights, then we should be standing opposite these students with a sign that says "Do I not have a right to live?"

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