Friday, November 4, 2011

Re: ''Cancer leading cause of death in all provinces," Telegraph Journal Nov. 2/11

When I read the headline, ''Cancer leading cause of death in all provinces," I was reminded of Mark Twain's quip, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Sometimes statistics need to be taken with a grain or two of salt. Statistics Canada's figures on 2008 causes of death are a case in point.

The leading cause of death in Canada is not cancer (70,588 deaths) or heart disease (50,722 deaths) but induced abortion. In 2008 there were 95,876 abortions recorded, and the stats keepers indicate the real figures are higher due to unreported data from BC clinics.

By any objective standard, each time an abortion occurs a baby dies. Yet Stats Canada fails to recognize abortion as a human death. It thus perpetrates a national lie about the causes of death.

Canadians should not be deluded. Whatever our views on a woman's right to end a pregnancy, none of us should deny that abortion results in someone's death.

Caring and compassionate people mourn the loss of anyone's life. We mourn for those who have died from cancer and heart disease. We need to also mourn the loss of so many, many babies before birth. In 2008, 1096 were New Brunswick kids.

We need to not only mourn, but address the cause of why so many women see an unwanted pregnancy as a disease. Maternity is not a disease. And a child is no mere statistic.

Three of my seven daughters are pregnant at present. Don't tell me I'm not already a grandfather. I know the difference between truth and Stats Can lies.
Peter Ryan
Executive Director
New Brunswick Right to Life Association
Fredericton NB
Tel. 506-459-8990 / 1-888-796-9600

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