Friday, November 18, 2011

Quiet Days

Not too much posting going on here. This is because of a case of bronchitis that has been plaguing me for three weeks now. The doctor said it is viral so advised against filling the prescription she gave me, unless I was feeling worse. Last night I asked the pharmacist for her advice, and she said while bronchitis is usually 80% viral and thus won't be cleared up with antibiotics, what I have now is a sinus infection that will get better with the pills. We shall see, I certainly hope so.

The tiredness that comes with respiratory infections drags on and on. I don't even have the energy to read for more than half an hour. Which means The Death Peddlers is taking forever to get through while The Ascent of Feminism by Melanie Phillips waits in the wings. My husband is a much faster reader than I and he said this book is very informative and much of the suffragette movement reminds him of the pro-life movement of today. That piqued my interest in a book that doesn't look particularly riveting.

For those who like to read political blogs, Melanie Phillips should be required reading. As a non-religious Jewish woman living in England, Melanie's insights on the Middle East are a must to balance western journalism. My own preferences are for her articles on modernism, health care, "fatherlessness" and its effects upon our western societies. Today her article on the proposed legalization of drugs is worth a read as this type of argument keeps cropping up as the "occupying" generation pushes for more entitlements, including those that eventually destroy them.

My husband and I got very accustomed to watching Sun News Media in the evening, available free on the internet. However, at the end of October that arrangement ended and now Sun News is only available by cable or satellite. We caved; we who received no television channels since early September when the signals changed, gave in and got cable hooked up yesterday. Amazing the amount of crap that is on television. But we can now watch Michael Coren on a larger screen and catch news throughout the day whenever we like. Wow, the modern world! It goes well with my revived love of knitting.

In pro-life news in Canada, two items caught my attention this week. One is a protest in Charlottetown, PEI tomorrow by pro-aborts who want the province to re-open an abortion facility in PEI. This is the only province in Canada that doesn't have any abortion services and women must travel to Halifax which is the closest provider. Peter Ryan of NB Right to Life was calling for anyone who could make the trip to go and give support to the counter-protesters who do not want abortions brought back to this little province.
And the other news is a youth pro-life forum in Toronto sponsored by Gethsemane Ministries and Campaign Life Coalition. This is a one day event to be held at Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ parish hall in west Toronto. The speakers that caught my attention were Stephanie Gray, now considered the best pro-life apologist and debater in Canada (I fully agree) and Father Alphonse de Valk. There are other presenters but those are the two that I would most wish to hear speak.
I think these short one-day forums is a great way to bring the pro-life message to communities. Organizing a weekend conference is onerous and costly; but one-day events are much simpler to put together, much less costly and can be offered to the public at a low cost. This one is being offered for $30 for the day, $20 for students. I hope that Nova Scotia has one of these in the not-too-distant future.
Futher details can be found here
LifeSiteNews - Pro-Life Forum in Toronto


Elena said...

Now your email makes sense. You got cable! Dave will be coming to visit;) I watched the end of The Arena last night and was most moved by the Christmas commercial that he showed - I cried.

Julie Culshaw said...

That commercial took me by surprise. the ending was very touching. You should find the link for it and post it on your blog.