Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting the News - Sun News Media

You won't find this story covered by the mainstream media. No tv coverage, no newspaper coverage, you have to get Sun News Media to hear these stories. The question is why? Are western journalists under some kind of restriction to cover a story about Islamic violence against women? And why do feminists say nothing in defense of these women?

Michael Coren speaks with blogger, Pam Geller, on the case of an Afghan woman who has to choose between marrying her rapist or going to prison for 12 years. 75% of women in Afghanistan jails are there because they were the victims of sexual crimes.

On the same show, Michael spoke with Joy Smith, MP for a riding in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Smith is putting through Parliament a private member's bill C-310, a bill which would make it possible to prosecute Canadians at home for trafficking in persons outside the country. Smith is raising awareness of the horrific nature and extent of human trafficking both outside and within our borders. Girls and boys as young as four are being used in the sex trade by people posing as friendly tourists from Canada and other western countries. Smith is a brave woman dedicated to battling this war on children.

Now, would you find these two women interviewed on CBC or CTV? I dont' think so. So this is a shameless plug for Sun News Media. Since it is no longer available live online, I would encourage you to sign up and get it from your cable company. If you want to hear some real news, that is.

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