Tuesday, November 15, 2011

40 Days for Life BreakThrough

Last night, there was a live conference streamed from 40 Days for Life and 9000 people listened to this, causing the server to freeze up. However, things got going and the live webcast went ahead. I listened to a little last night, but it comes on late here so I listened to the recording this morning.

Carmen Pate was the host. Carmen is a post-abortive woman, she is now the executive producer of radio programming for Truth in Action Ministries. Carmen opened the webcast with the statement that she sees more hope today than she has ever seen in her 25 years of pro-life work. She sees God's hand at work in 40 Days for Life, which is bringing churches together in prayer for an end to abortion. The movement is changing hearts and minds in a way that nothing has done before. As Carmen says "wouldn't you want to be a part of this?"

301 cities took part, 131,000 people took part, over 4000 churches were involved, and best of all - 732 confirmed saves - which means that babies scheduled to be aborted on September 28 when the vigil began are now growing within their mothers' wombs and will be born later this year. This brings the total number of babies now living to 5,045 because of the efforts of 40 Days for Life since 2007.

One of the most dramatic results of the 40 Days vigils is the turnaround of abortion clinic workers. Last year, everyone was shocked to find the manager of the Bryan/College Station clinic came out and joined the prayer line. Her story is now available in the book Unplanned. And at the beginning of this year, another woman in Texas left Planned Parenthood where she was the manager and her testimony can be heard on the home page of 40 Days for Life.

And last night, another breaking story. The manager of the Planned Parenthood clinic, Sue Fayer, in Storm Lake, Iowa, told her story of how she went to work at PP because she was pro-life. Because she thought abortion was wrong, in fact she says it is murder, she worked hard to provide family planning counselling to women so that they would not have to resort to abortion. She worked there for seventeen years; her clinic did not do any abortions. However, in 2008, all the managers of Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa were told they would be taking part in telemed abortions. This online abortion service will save PP much money, as it only requires one doctor in one location who will look at the ultrasounds of women, and if the woman is less than 63 days pregnant, the doctor will push a button which makes a drawer open in the clinic where the woman is. Then the woman will take the pills that she is instructed to while at the clinic, then she will go home, take the rest of the pills as instructed, and deliver a dead baby within a few days.

Abby Johnson describes this method in her book Unplanned, since she herself had a medical abortion of this kind. They are extremely dangerous as the woman is alone, without any medical help closeby, and she basically bleeds until her uterus is empty. I have had three miscarriages and I know that the bleeding is incredible, much more than at birth. With my third miscarriage, I lost so much blood that I went into shock. Fortunately, I was in the hospital where medical staff gathered quickly to assist me. I was immediately given two transfusions of blood and was watched carefully for 12 hours to make sure that I did not relapse. When I went into shock, the nurse could obtain no pulse and no blood pressure. Don't tell me that isn't dangerous. And there is no way I would want to go through that alone.

Sue was fired when she expressed her disagreement with this new procedure; that was in 2008. Since that time, several things have coalesced in her life to the place where she felt called to lead the 40 Days vigil outside the very place where she worked. What Sue revealed was that Iowa is the first state where these telemed abortions are to be done, as a test state, and the agenda of Planned Parenthood is to make these abortions available all over the country. Bottom line: these abortions cost the same as a surgical abortion, but with much less work, less staff involved, so Planned Parenthood stands to make a huge profit from these type of abortions.

So 40 Days for Life has brought out into the light what is going on in the darkness in these abortion clinics run by Planned Parenthood. Far from being concerned with the health of women, these clinics are in the business of making money from intercepting the natural process of pregnancy, and bringing about the death of the innocent unborn child.

Here, in Halifax, the woman who coordinates Project Rachel which is a post-abortion healing ministry, has been praying for the prayer arm of the pro-life movement to come about. She has told me several times that she is so happy to see 40 Days for Life come to our city. Without prayer, we will go astray. And with prayer, even if we do nothing else, God will begin to move others who will become active in the pro-life movement. I don't think it is a coincidence that the issue of abortion is getting more discussed here in politically-correct Canada than in previous years; some MPs are becoming vocal in Parliament on the issue of abortion. Even though our prime minister Steven Harper has said he will not re-open this issue, it may get opened for him, whether he likes it or not. There is something going on like an under-current and it is going to surface. It simply cannot be kept down. I believe that it is the steady faithful prayers of all those involved in 40 Days for Life that is bringing about this change.

Therefore do not pronounce judgment before the time, before the Lord comes, who will bring to light the things now hidden in darkness and will disclose the purposes of the heart. Then each one will receive his commendation from God. I Corinthians 4:5

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