Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reproductive Justice

Over at our 40 Days for Life vigil site, two bikes have appeared wrapped with coloured yarn in the gay pride fashion. Attached to the bikes were signs with the words Reproductive Justice on them.

I am puzzled by this quest for reproductive justice. Perhaps if you read this and have a comment to share, you can enlighten me. I just don't get the picture. What do they consider to be "unjust"? The fact that they are born as women and have the role of bearing the next generation? Is that the injustice they feel?

Is it a desire to be just like men, in every way? To be able to compete in the world of jobs with men, without having the inconvenience of pregnancy and childcare getting in the way? Is that the injustice they feel?

Am I missing something here? Do women not realise that the ability to bear children is something that men don't get to do? That childbearing and child rearing can actually be seen as the good side of the coin.

There are many women out there in low-paying jobs and in jobs that don't challenge their minds who would love to be able to stay at home and raise their children. There are many women in better-paying jobs who don't like their work. I don't see that the job-world holds that much attraction to merit the cause for "reproductive justice".

If "reproductive justice" means that women must have access to abortion for whatever reason, where is the justice for the child in the womb, half of the time that child being female? Is a woman's freedom to be gained at the price of taking another's?

The bottom line must always be crossed: what are the unborn?
If they are not human beings, then abortion simply doesn't matter.
But if they are members of the human race, as medical science clearly states they are, then it matters a great deal.
Because abortion dehumanizes this class of persons in order to do away with them. And every great injustice in the world has happened the same way: by dehumanizing a class of persons, we can then justify the evil that we do to them. Jews were dehumanized by the Nazis in order to exterminate them; blacks were dehumanized by white landowners in order to make them slaves; now the unborn are dehumanized by society in order to abort them.

If I have missed something here, please do let me know.

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