Friday, October 14, 2011

Issues Untouched by Feminists

The ongoing 40 Days for Life vigil in Halifax has brought out some feminists from the Women's Centre at St. Mary's University. Why is that feminists always push abortion as a solution for women everywhere, while ignoring other issues?

In places where safe, legal abortions are not available or easily accessible, women are still choosing to terminate their pregnancies. Making abortion illegal will nto stop women from making this choice, but will only serve to endangner their lives.

On the issue of sex-selective abortions, as in more girl babies are aborted than boys (even here in Canada, feminists!) these women are silent. So they want to bring abortion to third-world countries, but say nothing about immigrants to Canada bringing their boys-are-preferred ideology to Canada.

On the issue of female genital mutilation, again silence. So when it is revealed that the abortionist Grosnell (the Philadelphia abortionist who was finally arrested) took photos of the mutilated genitals of Muslim women, no feminists speak up about this either.

On the issue of forced abortion, whether that be in China or here at home where parents threaten their daughters with rejection unless they abort, again feminists are silent.

Why does it seem that providing abortion for everyone everywhere is their #1 cause? Why do they think that abortion is the absolute litmus test for female emancipation?

Particularly shocking is the fact that one of the pro-choice women has already had herself sterilized at the age of 20. She says, if she wishes to have a child later, she will simply use IVF. This is sexual freedom?

I think the woman who refuses to sleep with a man and face the consequences of an uncommitted relationship alone, is by far the freer woman.

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