Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mark Steyn on Canada

Gotcha. So a superior court judge in a relatively civilized jurisdiction is happy to extend the principles underlying legalized abortion in order to mitigate the killing of a legal person — that’s to say, someone who has managed to make it to the post-fetus stage. How long do those mitigating factors apply? I mean, “onerous demands”-wise, the first month of a newborn’s life is no picnic for the mother. How about six months in? The terrible twos?
Fourth Trimester Abortion, by Mark Steyn

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Jenna said...

I am so shaken by this story. I really can't believe this has happened in our country. This seems to be the perfect instance to mobilize pro-lifers. Yet when I talked about it with my mom, she hadn't heard about it at all, and she is a pro-lifer herself (she doesn't get to read LSN that much, but relies on me and Patrick to fill her in.). She said she was almost as disturbed by the fact that she didn't come across this story elsewhere in a secular news source. I agree.