Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nurses objecting to abortion successfully defended in England

Equality Legislation used to defend conscientious objection to abortion

Two nurses who did not wish to work in the weekly abortion clinic of their hospital in England have been defended by the Thomas More Society and the hospital has backed down. Without this legal intervention, the two nurses would have been forced to assist women undergoing medical abortions in a clinic within the hospital.

When threatened with legal action against the hospital, the administration decided it best to simply relocate the two nurses to other clinics within the facility.

I met a nurse who was in the very same position here in Halifax, NS. She was being made to tend to women undergoing abortions at the IWK Children's Hospital and it was completely against her principles. For twenty years, she had worked as a special-care nurse in the neo-natal unit there. When I met her, she was looking for another job, not an easy thing to find in a city where specialized nurses have nowhere to go other than the one medical system. I wonder if we have a Thomas More lawyer here in eastern Canada. Definitely worth finding out.

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