Thursday, August 11, 2011

Morgentaler's Protections

LifeSiteNews has posted a correction to their account of Linda Gibbons' recent arrest in Toronto. Since Linda was at a different clinic than she usually pickets at, she was not charged as previously, but with a different charge.

LifeSite has discovered that this abortion clinic has a 500 foot "bubble zone" and Morgentaler was given the site rent free for ten years!!! by the provincial government. They also provided him with half a million dollars worth of security. This was in response to the fire-bombing of his other clinic on Harbord Street, an act that was found later to have been done by a man whose child was aborted there, not by any pro-life group.

In addition to the full financing of his abortion business, Morgentaler also gained a new permanent injunction against any pro-life protesting at the location. The injunction includes an unusually large 500-foot bubble zone within which all pro-life activity is prohibited. This legal straightjacket against free speech appears to have been facilitated in some way by the original lawsuit against the five pro-life activists launched in 1989.

LifeSiteNews is attempting to discover more details regarding the Hilldale Ave. injunction and will report them as they become available. Gibbons’s defense lawyer, Daniel Santoro, currently also has very little information about this injunction and is seeking full details in order to be able to defend his client.

It is clear that this baby-killer has been protected by Canadian law for decades, not just protected, but subsidized. It leaves me wondering if there is blackmail involved.

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