Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Litmus Test for Christian Churches

In less than a single generation, homosexuality has gone from something almost universally understood to be sinful, to something now declared to be the moral equivalent of heterosexuality—and deserving of both legal protection and public encouragement. Theo Hobson, a British theologian, has argued that this is not just the waning of a taboo. Instead, it is a moral inversion that has left those holding the old morality now accused of nothing less than “moral deficiency.”

The liberal churches and denominations have an easy way out of this predicament. They simply accommodate themselves to the new moral reality. By now the pattern is clear: These churches debate the issue, with conservatives arguing to retain the older morality and liberals arguing that the church must adapt to the new one. Eventually, the liberals win and the conservatives lose. Next, the denomination ordains openly gay candidates or decides to bless same-sex unions.

This is a route that evangelical Christians committed to the full authority of the Bible cannot take. Since we believe that the Bible is God’s revealed word, we cannot accommodate ourselves to this new morality. We cannot pretend as if we do not know that the Bible clearly teaches that all homosexual acts are sinful, as is all human sexual behavior outside the covenant of marriage. We believe that God has revealed a pattern for human sexuality that not only points the way to holiness, but to true happiness.

Albert Mohler

Last week, a priest told me that, if he were to stand up and give the Catholic teaching on homosexuality from the pulpit, and there was a homosexual activist present in the congregation, he could fully expect to be charged with a hate crime the very next day. Hence, we don't hear much about this from the pulpit.

But we are not going to be able to get away with this for much longer. The day is coming and rapidly, when Christians are going to have to face legal action for their beliefs. The sooner we realise this, the better. And the more we build up our spiritual backbone, the better we will be able to withstand the all-out attack that is coming.

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