Monday, August 15, 2011

Hiding Behind Language

Yesterday we were handed a follow-up pastoral letter from our archbishop. This is part 2 of the pastoral letter he sent out at Pentecost. It is long, two full pages, small type, and the thrust of the letter is how we are to implement the "new evangelization".

The expected talk about working in parishes to renew the faith of the community. Never mentioned is the central truth of salvation: i.e. man has sinned and needs God's forgiveness. Do they always assume this or do they not understand it? I suspect the latter. There is far too much talk about well-meaning people and projects with fervour but no mention of the basic truth - Jesus Christ came to save us, not to build "engaged" churches. I doubt if he cares a fig about "engagement"; God cares about souls.

Then the expected line with regards to pro-life efforts:
Identify and encourage the living signs of the Gospel of Life in your parish and community. (I can't see any in mine but then the bishop didn't ask me)
Look around and see what is actually going on and celebrate the daily lived commitment of those who make life more valuable, accepted and precious.
Become known for who you are and not for what you are against.
Take care of the isolated, the rejected, the poor and the lonely, thus offering an alternative to non-life options.

The underlined sentence is the one we always get thrown at visible pro-lifers. In fact, they even say don't use the word pro-life, people don't like it. No, honey, you don't like it because it will make you stand out and then you will feel uncomfortable and perhaps, even persecuted.

When anyone takes the pro-life movement and states "let's be for something, not against something", they are conveniently forgetting the tragedy and extent of abortion. We are for life, and we show that precisely by being against abortion.

When the culture of death has encroached on the pregnancy and birth of every child in our culture (all moms are now offered genetic testing which means abort if there is something you don't think you can handle), and euthanasia is making inroads into the care of the elderly and the sick, how is being for something going to make a bit of difference? It would mean that you simply turn a blind eye to what is actually happening.

And that is what the clergy here is doing, turning a blind eye to abortion because it is just too difficult for them to stand up for the child in the womb. I wish they would just admit it and stop castigating those of us who do.

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Elena said...

There are plenty of signs of life in your parish: young people who still attend mass, older folks who have been holding strong for years, your pastor etc. There are always signs of hope. In fact, my word verification is three letters short of spelling out evidence - the Gospel of Life is evident everywhere that people attempt to love God in our faulty ways.