Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going "green" with birth control

ProWomanProLife has a post on "green" birth control.

Chemical Contraceptives- When my future husband and I discussed birth control methods and family planning for the first time we found we were on the same page as far as family size was concerned. We were not on the same page about how we would prevent pregnancy though. The most common method it seems for young women, then and now, is oral contraceptives or other chemical-hormonal contraceptives like the IUD, various injections, the patch, and internal rings. My husband assumed I would not have a problem with these methods but he was very wrong.
I wasn’t trying to lead a natural or green life yet but I knew with 100% certainty that I would NOT take hormones or use chemical contraceptives. I wasn’t going to introduce these things into my system and mess with my body in that way.
These contraceptives have many side effects, they increase chances of serious diseases like cancer, and using them supports the corrupt and powerful pharmaceutical industry. All of this makes them a not-so green choice and for me an unacceptable choice.

Jennifer Derwey writes: "Many women I know only use organic beauty products and eat mostly organic food but don’t question swallowing a chemical concoction every morning. Yet going green is everywhere around us, our coffee, our politicians, our lawn mowers. I didn’t agree with everything this woman wrote, but I was happy to see someone acknowledging the internal green (along with acknowledging that having children takes strength!) and brave enough to question the norm."

In a Michael Coren episode last year, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi stated that research had been done on producing a male chemical contraceptive, but when used, two subjects noticed that they experienced a reduction in the size of their testes. Research was suspended. Yet it is estimated that 90% of sexually active women take the birth control pill. Despite what it does to their bodies, despite what it does to the water supply, despite despite.....


Elena said...

It's a sacred cow. we site that testes-shrinking trial on ever marriage prep weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lanfranchi's claims are utter rubbish. She's an activist with an agenda to push. For a less biased examination of the risks try:

Julie Culshaw said...

Call it rubbish, but don't deny the science. Watch this video.


Just because Dr. Lanfranchi is a Roman Catholic does not mean that her medical research is rubbish. Ignore it at your own peril.

Julie Culshaw said...

One of the very problems with your link is that the government of Canada is refusing to publish these kinds of results. Why? can you imagine the law suits that will come if women got together and sued the Breast Cancer Society for not informing them of these risks? You speak of an agenda, but the government has their own agenda.