Monday, August 1, 2011

Do we take abortion seriously?

This video with Father Frank Pavone shows what abortion really does - totally disregards the life of a child and treats that child like garbage. 
I heard a very good priest today talk about people getting things out of perspective. He spoke of people dwelling on one aspect of their life or concentrating on one virtue to the exclusion of others, with the result being that they end up doing wrong. He gave the example of pro-lifers who end up putting bombs outside abortion clinics. 
Needless to say, my hackles were raised, but I have gained sufficient maturity  not to blow a gasket   anymore. Or perhaps I should. Perhaps that is not maturity at all, but complacence and apathy taking over where once there was fervour.

Thirty-five plus babies are aborted in my city each and every week. If thirty-five children in a daycare centre were gunned down, even once, let alone every single week, what do you think the reaction would be?
Yes, people would be demanding justice, parents would be demonstrating outside every daycare centre, citizens would be picketing the police station and the legislature demanding that better protection be put in place to protect these children who were being made victims of attack.

But what do we do for those who are gunned down in the womb? Our almost complete disregard for their lives reveals that we do not think of them as real people at all. Because if we did, there would be people in front of the Victoria General Hospital every single day that abortions are being committed and people would be boycotting the doctors who are doing these abortions.

Bad example, Father, but I forgive you because I don't think you really know better. In fact, there are relatively few violent pro-life people out there doing violence against abortionists. Far more violence is done by pro-choice people to pro-lifers.

If you don't believe me, check this site

Almost everyone thinks that serious pro-life supporters are "too radical", that we have things out of perspective. I think they are wrong. If doctors really are killing 35 babies each week in this city alone, then my attending a Rosary Walk once a week, my blogging several times a week about this, my trying to get people to come out to 40 Days for Life, is not radical at all. It is simply a small effort to try and respond to an injustice and evil that is immense.

When will people recognize that this baby in the womb is a human being with a right to life? when it is theirs?

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