Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hit the Nail on the Head

A few days ago, I read this article
Campus crusade name change

and couldn't help but think that the name change was evidence of cowardice. But those arguments for "inclusivity" are very persuasive, and it is easy to convince someone that it is for the best.

But I was glad to read Father Longenecker who calls a spade a spade and thank God for that.

Campus Crusade now CRU

It does seem a pity that these groups drop out the 'Christian' or 'Christ' from their name. Is everything else being watered down too? The commenter said that the description of a mission trip to Egypt was, "we went there to help the people and talk with them." What? When I was growing up as an Evangelical the mission trips were all about 'Going out to the mission field to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who were dying in their trespasses and sins and therefore on their way to eternity in hell." That sort of language was clear and had some, well...bite. This current wishy washy stuff from the Evangelicals reminds me of old fashioned liberalism.

Which--of course it is. Essentially, whatever you see the radical Protestants like Episcopalians and Lutherans and Church of Christ people doing the rest of the Protestants will slowly drift into about ten or twenty years later. They will do so without the radical edge. It will simply become the default setting without anyone really noticing. So, for example, the Anglicans opened the door to artificial contraception in the 1930s. By the 1960s all Protestants had caved. The Episcopalians and other mainstream liberal Protestants 'adjusted their teaching' about divorce and remarriage and abortion and homosexuality and so forth. The rest of the Protestants are now spongy on remarriage and abortion and like to 'remain silent' about same sex issues.

... I understand the need to 're-brand' sometimes, but I don't think you should take Christ out of your name. Christians should be clear about who they are and what their mission is. It makes things much easier for everyone.

I wear my clericals and tell people, "I'm Father Longenecker. I'm a Catholic priest." If they don't like it, well, that's what the gospel does. It sorts things out.


Anonymous said...

This video might explain the trend for you and how it can be reversed.

Julie Culshaw said...

Sorry I started to listen to it, but the guy sounded like a quack and the video was one hour long.
Evolution is science, what was he going on about?