Friday, July 29, 2011

Calling something "vulgar" is not homophobic

VANCOUVER -- A university professor and former Liberal candidate drew fierce criticism Thursday when he used Twitter to out his upset at the upcoming Pride parade.

Shinder Purewal called the flamboyant and popular annual parade, which happens Sunday, “vulgar” and said it should be banned.

The political science professor was immediately flamed – including by those within his own political party.

“They are homophobic remarks that have no place in Canada,” said Young Liberals spokesman Braeden Caley.

Purewal said in media interviews he opposed the “vulgar display of sexuality” and not sexual orientation.

These folks must be so wimpy about criticism that they can't allow anyone to make common-sense remarks. Yes, Pride parades are "vulgar" just as Lady Gaga is "vulgar".  And objecting to the public display of "vulgar" behaviour is everyone's right. Those who think this man is homophobic must be incredibly insecure about their own position - they get awfully defensive pretty darn quick.

A parade that celebrated heterosexuality by exhibiting overt displays of sexual activity would also be "vulgar". Get over it, folks, this man has a right to speak his mind. And a whole lot of people agree with him.


Erin said...

Julie, speaking of vulgar, have you seen this?,20476/

I am considering blogging about this myself after seeing a link to it from an old high school friend on Facebook. She thought it was funny (because the Onion is a satirical news source). I had to reply to her comments, especially when she mentioned how she was rolling on the floor laughing. Bizarre, I say! And how truly sad.

Julie Culshaw said...

Horrific, it is unbelievable the comments that RIchards made. How can anyone believe that PP really cares about women? Thanks for the link, I will blog this too.

Julie Culshaw said...

Erin, Suzanne from Big Blue Wave informed me this is satire, not real. Guess you and I are too gullible.

Erin said...

I totally get that it IS satire, and I think that is what is so horrible about it. If people laugh and think this is funny, they are totally disregarding that what the Onion is placing before us as humour, is really actually true (i.e. that Planned Parenthood is VERY much in the business of taking lives). Did you look at the map of the pretend facility? It is very, very strange and offensive (take a ride down the lazy river and then go off and have your abortion). Joking about putting your kids in the day care centre so that you can go abort their unwanted siblings is just a little sick.

Oh guess what? My old high school pal from Facebook defriended me after I commented on her post. Oh well.

Julie Culshaw said...

One less friend on Facebook, LOL. My own sister de-friended me, Erin.