Friday, June 17, 2011

This gives me the creeps

What is so disturbing to me about this article is the heartlessness of the medical personnel involved.

LEUVEN, Belgium, June 16, 2011 ( - A disturbing study conducted by Belgian doctors and reported on in the medical journal Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathology involved killing patients via euthanasia in a room next to the hospital’s operating theater, and then wheeling them next door and harvesting their organs immediately after being pronounced dead. The study found that lungs from those who die by euthanasia are more suitable for transplant surgery than lungs taken from accident victims.

The procedure involved admitting the donors to hospital a few hours before the planned euthanasia procedure. They were killed in a room next door to the operating theater. Their lungs were removed immediately after they were pronounced dead.

“The matter of fact way the retrieval process is described in the paper is particularly chilling and shows the degree of collaboration that is necessary between the euthanasia team and the transplant surgeons – prep them for theatre next to the operating room, then kill them and wheel them in for organ retrieval. All in a day’s work in Brave New Belgium.

“Given that half of all euthanasia cases in Belgium are involuntary it must be only a matter of time before the organs are taken from patients who are euthanised without their consent.”

“Doctors there now do things that most doctors in other countries would find absolutely horrific,” Dr. Saunders pointed out.

Ana Iltis, director of the Center for Bioethics Health and Society at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, remarked to Fox News, “Once you accept that physicians are going to kill patients, it seems logical that they would harvest those organs for transplantation. People tend to respond with an ‘Ick,’ but that response should be about euthanasia.”

“People will be considered selfish and ostracized - for not dying by euthanasia or assisted suicide because they will be costing society money by continuing their illness until a natural death, - or because they will be denying fresh, healthy organs for others in need,” Schadenberg observed.

“The organs are healthy because the person who donates the organs is often not terminal, but rather in fear of living through a terminal condition. We will continue to be told that this is about the freedom to choose. But whose choice is it? Choice is the illusion; this is about imposing death,” Schadenberg stated.

Read the article here -
Organs harvested from euthanized patients make better transplants

For some reason, this makes me recall vividly the birth of my third daughter Martha. My doctor was an elderly ob/gyn in Ottawa who was also the head of the pro-life medical group there. A wonderful Dutch doctor who must have delivered thousands of babies in his years of practice. His words upon Martha's arrival in the world (spoken more to himself that to anyone else in the room) were "another individual" spoken with a reverence and awe that was unmistakeable. It was a moment etched in my memory forever.

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