Saturday, June 4, 2011

Obama and Poverty

A good article from Bill O'Reilly on President Obama's misunderstanding of the causes of poverty.

The key to defeating Obama is understanding him. He is driven by one thing above all: social justice. He fervently believes that prosperous Americans have a moral obligation to help the deprived not only in the United States, but all over the world. This cause influences just about all of his decision-making.

This fact came through clearly in Dinesh d'Souza's book The Roots of Obama's Rage, in which d'Souza claims that the driving force behind Obama is the need to accomplish his father's dreams. And those dreams were centred on ridding the poor nations of the colonial powers that oppressed them. Obama considers the United States to be a nation suffering from neo-colonialism and his desire is to remake the US into a utopia where justice will be met for the poor and marginalized.

I think O'Reilly nails it with this paragraph and quote from RR Reno:

The problem is that Obama does not really understand what drives poverty and hopelessness. Writing in the publication "Public Square," theologian R.R. Reno clearly defines the issue: "A Christian who hopes to follow the teachings of Jesus needs to reckon with a singular fact about American poverty: Its deepest and most debilitating deficits are moral, not financial; the most serious deprivations are cultural, not economic. Many people living at the bottom of American society have cell phones, flat-screen TVs, and some of the other goodies of consumer culture. But their lives are a mess."

Perhaps this is what Jesus meant when he said "the poor will always be with you"; unless one addresses the moral corruption that is at the root of poverty, there can be no lasting change.

O'Reilly concludes that the Republicans need to get this issue clear before the next election and select a leader who can go to the heart of the problem; otherwise, Americans will vote back in a man who, in his ignorance, will bankrupt America.

The cold truth is that Americans will have to become more self-reliant if the country is to maintain its superpower status. Americans must begin planning for their future medical and financial needs, with some government help but not total dependence.

Transitions are usually difficult, but crunch time is here. If the Republican challenger cannot persuade voters that real danger is on their doorstep, the president will win re-election. No spin.

Read the entire article here
Poverty and the President

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