Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NDP and the Gospel

There is a disturbing trend by Catholics and other Christians in Canada of disregarding the NDP’s support for abortion in order to promote the party’s vision for helping the poor.

In the recent election campaign, numerous Catholic bishops and other Christian leaders formally endorsed a project promoting poverty as the primary issue for voters in the election., spearheaded by the Religious Social Action Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador, listed candidates who have pledged “to work to close the growing gap between rich and poor in Canada.” By far, the most candidates endorsed were NDP, though there were at least a couple from the Communist Party of Canada as well. The NDP were the only major party to complete the questionnaire.

The campaign dovetailed with a similar effort by the Canadian Council of Churches, which includes the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The truth is that any politician backing the NDP’s platform is completely unfit for office and, of course, unworthy of the Christian vote. The only time one might be in a position to vote for such a person would be where the other candidates are equally or even more pro-abortion.
- Can Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians be Rooted in the Gospel?, by Patrick Craine

The advice to consult the website was in our archdiocesan bulletin just prior to the federal election. This despite the fact that the previous week, they had printed the guidelines of the Canadian Conference of Bishops which listed "respect for life" as the first issue when deciding who to cast one's ballot for.

This confuses people so much that one well-meaning elderly woman told me she was upset by the election result because we had been specifically directed to vote either NDP or Green, since those two parties were the ones most concerned with poverty. Emails to the person in charge of content for the archdiocesan bulletin ended in silence when I told her what this woman had said to me.

The ignorance of people simply astounds me; don't they do anything except listen to the odd speech on television? do they not know that the NDP are solidly, without exception, supportive of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy? or are they so enamored of a party that promises more and more entitlement to government programs and funds that they will overlook moral issues and vote for bigger government? and a government that is the complete opposite of Christian beliefs. Do they not recognize the difference between the church founded by Jesus Christ and an NGO?

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