Friday, June 10, 2011

Mama grizzly can get them excited

24,000 pages of email correspondence by Sarah Palin have been released today for public consumption. Has any other person in the public square been subjected to such scrutiny? Has Barack Obama? Surely, of all people, if anyone's life is to be seen under a microscope, the president's should be.

Today reams of e-mails sent by Sarah Palin during her time as governor of Alaska will be released to the public. Before the full media circus begins, here’s a proposed rule to guide the discussion: anyone who wants to criticize the content of the Palin e-mails must first make all of his or her own e-mails available for others to read. Sound fair?
Jason Richwine in National Review Online

One comment stated that anyone working for someone else knows that their email account from work can be viewed by their employer. However, it is not just Palin's work emails that are being viewed. Her private correspondence is also being released.

The emails were sent and received by Palin's personal and state email accounts, and the ones being released were deemed to be related to state business.
She and top aides were known to communicate using private email accounts. Perez said Palin gave the state a CD with emails from her Yahoo account, and other employees were asked to review their private accounts for emails related to state business and to send those to their state accounts.- Becky Bohrer in Huffington Post

Why such interest in this woman? Why is she so feared by so many on the liberal left? I personally think she is the real deal, she is someone who loves America as Ronald Reagan did, and I think she is prepared to go the distance for her country. I sure hope she runs and we can see her character opposite Obama, a man who is obsessed with his own ideology while his country sinks into ruin.

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