Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is this legal?

Yesterday, this is what I saw in a parking lot of a mall.
She was the driver and she was waiting for someone inside a store.

First, how did she get a driving license? It had to have been in this country, and she couldn't have worn that during her test.
Second, my license states that I must wear glasses while driving. Surely she cannot wear such a head constraint while she drives!
Third, how can she drive safely when her visibility is limited by her head covering? If I were to drive my car with a full face mask on, or covered with a paper bag that just had holes for my eyes, I am sure I would be stopped and charged for violating the rules of the road.

So what is going to happen to women who drive and wear burqas?

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Elena said...

I would love to see you wearing a paper bag on your head. May that burqa rest lightly on your shoulders. Reminds me of that dream I had in which all the cars were wearing burqas.