Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Poland, you can be pro-woman and pro-life

SPUC's Polish colleagues are recommending an exciting new initiative to protect unborn children. A growing list of Polish women journalists are signing an open letter (see press release and letter below) calling for a complete legislative ban on abortion in Poland. Polish law allows abortion in three circumstances: danger to the mother's life or health; pregnancy as a result of a criminal act; or serious disability. As a result of many years of educational campaigns by the Catholic Church and the pro-life movement, the numbers of abortions in Poland are relatively very low. That said, all abortions are equally wrong, because all unborn children have an equal right to life. It is absolutely vital that the law upholds the right to life of all human beings equally at every stage of life, from conception to natural death. Even the smallest exception or ambiguity in the terms of legal protection can lead to the intentional killing of innocent human beings, not just through abortion but also euthanasia and embryo research. I therefore recommend the open letter and encourage readers of this blog to forward it to any Polish women journalists they may know.
- Society for Protection of Unborn Children

Read the open letter here - signed by no less than 82 journalists.
Women Journalists Against Abortion

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