Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Source of Information and Commentary

I have taken to tuning into Sun News Network in the evenings to listen to a couple of shows. Well worth listening to, they have interesting guests on and the hosts talk about everything current in the news, both in Canada and abroad.

Click on the Listen Live button, and in the evening you can get Ezra Levant, Theo Caldwell, Charles Adler and Brian Lilley. Last night, both Caldwell and Adler had the same guest to interview, Dr. John Robson.
For those who are ProWomanProLife readers, you might be interested to know that he is the husband of Brigitte Pellerin, who recently left ProWomanProLife because she took a job as a reporter for Sun News.

This fellow has a PhD in American history from University of Texas at Austin and he now resides in Ottawa and is an invited professor at Ottawa U. He talks about the economy and world politics in a way that someone like myself can understand.

In speaking of the riots in Greece, he said that the Greeks simply don't get it, they believe they are entitled to pay and benefits just by virtue of their existence. They and their politicians do not understand that there simply is no more money. He said they are like someone who realises they have no cash, so they want to write a cheque. When told there is no money in the bank to cover the cheque, they pull out a credit card. They just don't comprehend that the account is at nil. And all the shouting and whining and rioting in the streets will yield nada, because at some point the countries that have been bailing them out are going to say "enough". For some reason, they equate rioting in the streets with productive work. This is the result of government that is so big it the population has become dependent upon it.

Ditto the United States, except that Robson said the Americans are a very industrious lot and they will get to work to salvage their economy. But, and the big but, is that they must get rid of Obama, who is stuck in his ideology that socialism works and he refuses to budge. He continues to legislate more and more government into every aspect of life, making more and more people dependent on the government and less able to eke out their own living. Name one socialist country that has worked, that has not actually reduced their citizens' standard of living to poverty. I can't think of any.

Check him out, this Robson is refreshing. You can read his columns at the
Ottawa Sun.

What is rather frightening is that the scene in Vancouver after the hockey game last night looks rather like the riots in Greece. A lot of people showing a lot of anger that has been smouldering for a while.

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