Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Church Apathy

Today, we held a planning meeting for the next 40 Days for Life vigil here in Halifax. We have a good cross-section of people on the team this year; the majority are Catholics as usual, but then the majority of vigil-ites are Catholics; we have two priests on the team, we have a couple from a Congregational church, a young man from an evangelical church, and a woman who has been in both. She was evangelical Anglican, then re-converted to Catholic about five years ago. Invaluable experience as she bridges the two worlds.

One thing that I told the group was the outreach that I did to churches last summer. The facts are disconcerting. 157 churches were phoned, plus one orthodox synagogue. Out of that, I got 35 churches who agreed to run bulletin announcements for our vigil, 8 appointments with pastors in the hope of getting them involved, and the end result was one invitation to speak at one church. Stunning, isn't it?

From the initial phone call, there were quite a few (about 20) who said "call me back closer to the time" with the promise of involvement. When I called back in early September, they had all changed their tune. "Sorry, but we have so many projects that we are involved with, we have so many ministries going on", the big hang-up.

Poor ol' Halifax, so stuck in its 70's thinking, so NDP-minded, so politically correct. Damn them, we are going to have to do some shaking around here.

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