Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What about contraception?

This morning, while driving around on errands, I had the radio tuned to CJLU and caught part of a program on Focus on the Family. The program dealt with the problem of infertility and the suffering undergone by women who can't bear children.


I did not hear the entire program and this is part two, so there was another one which I also missed. I will listen to them both in their entirety shortly. But I wondered why the ill effects of contraception were never mentioned. Also why was abortion never mentioned? Why were STDs never mentioned?

The women speaking, and I had to feel compassion for them in their struggles, spoke of their inability to conceive and the extensive medical treatments they had undergone in order to get pregnant. While these women may indeed be infertile for reasons not of their own doing, the fact is that much of the infertility we are seeing today is caused by sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia causes infertility in 3% of the women it afflicts*; and these women don`t find out until they try to conceive. It is then they discover that their fallopian tubes are blocked by scar tissue from the STD they had in the past.

There is so much evidence available to show that the sexual practices of many young people are causing the epidemic of infertility that has reared its head now.

I think that, in order to present the truth to listeners, Focus on the Family should also speak about the sexual relationships that have led to the problem women are now facing, when they want to have children. While there are many women who cannot have children, it is also true that much of the infertility has been brought about through our own actions. Unfortunately, this truth is not being told as loudly as it should.

I recall a conference I attended last year where a Catholic doctor spoke of the Creighton method of charting ovulation; her practice consists largely of women suffering from infertility and she helps 40% of them achieve pregnancy through monitoring their bodily cycles and correcting their hormones. Shouldn't that information be presented on a program such as this?

This is where Protestants and Catholics (at least Catholics faithful to the teaching of the church) differ. That darn subject of contraception.
But you know, nature is proving the Catholics to be right. When you mess around with women`s reproductive systems with artificial birth control, you will pay a price. How many women around the world are on the pill? and how many of those women are paying a price for that convenience?

Women deserve to know that what has been consented to and promoted, i.e. artificial birth control, does not do them any favours in the long run. As Dr. Angela Lanfranchi said on the Michael Coren show where is there any other biological system that is functioning correctly and doctors throw in something to make it stop functioning as it was meant and then think there will be no harm done?

I would hope that the Protestant Christians would take a hard look at the issue of birth control and contraception. Because they have really missed a huge issue here, one that needs to be addressed in the light of Godly truth. When you regard sexuality primarily as the way by which married couples can enjoy intimacy and you separate that from the fact that sex makes babies, then you are on dangerous ground. The sexual relationship between a husband and wife is the one area where God allows the human race to co-create with Him. As such, we are standing on sacred ground. Artificial birth control and the separation of sex from procreation tells God that He is not welcome there. And what a mess ensues.

*Chlamydia is a leading cause of infertility in women, who may not be aware they have contracted an infection until they are unable to have children. It is estimated that 3% of women with chlamydial infection will become infertile. Up to 40% of chlamydial infections lead up to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). Women experience repeat episodes of PID suffer a nearly 40% increased risk of ectopic pregnancy or infertility. Health Canada acknowledges that chlamydial PID is the most important preventable cause of infertility. - It's Time to Face the Hidden Epidemic of STIs by Gudrun Schultz, Life Canada News, Jan/Feb 2009

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