Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making Money Off Kids

NEW YORK, May 5 (C-FAM) The UN is about to ask governments to fund the vaccination of every girl in the world against the sexually transmitted disease HPV, human papillomavirus. The controversial campaign could cost as much as $300 per person, totaling billions.

UNFPA and PATH want donor nations to buy the vaccine at $14 per shot. Three shots are required over a period of six months, totaling $42, and the treatment is only good for five years. Seven treatments would be required to cover each woman’s reproductive lifetime.

Advocates warned the assembly that the idea would be contentious. Casting the campaign as an effort to eradicate cervical cancer rather than a massive vaccination program against a sexually transmitted disease will help steer clear of political resistance, they said.

While none of the UN speakers addressed the issue, cervical cancer is caused by HPV infection, which is spread through sexual contact. The panel lamented a dramatic increase in the cancer in the developing world, but were less clear on the reasons for its rise, sidestepping issues of sexual behavior and focusing instead on gaining political will to fund the vaccination program.

Critics are concerned that the vaccination scheme will subsume the fight against cancer into the already well-funded reproductive rights agenda at the UN. They warn that because UNFPA aggressively promotes “sexual rights” for minors, the effort will not address sexual behavior or parental rights regarding medical decisions and could lead to an increase of the disease rather than its cure.

UN Wants Billions for STD Vaccination Scheme

So the organization that people think they can trust with human rights, the UN wants to vaccinate every girl in the world. If they really had women's health as their first concern, would they not be advocating sexual abstinence and, once joined with a partner, sexual fidelity? Those are never mentioned, although Nigeria has proved that promotion of abstinence and fidelity has done the most to reduce AIDS. And they would surely reduce HPV infections and subsequent cervical cancer, which kills half of its victims. We would be better off without the UN altogether.

h/t Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

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