Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Check Them Out

The newly-elected NDP members of Parliament - this is who you chose, folks.
They include Ruth Ellen Brosseau, an assistant manager at a pub at Carleton University who is vacationing in Vegas and can't be reached (she is scheduled to be taking French language lessons as she can't speak French - don't let her name fool you), four McGill university students and five recent grads (at least those five won't have assignments due), Mattieu Ravignat a former Communist party candidate (but he has a black belt in karate so be careful what you say), Pierre-Luc Dusseault the youngest MP at 19 is a student at Sherbrooke University, to mention just a few. Read about others at the National Post link below

The Really New Democrats

Don't worry, in just four years Canadians will realise what Jack "Velvet Touch" Layton is all about and support will dwindle for the NDP. However, in the meantime, Jack will have his hands busy trying to "whip" his party into shape. How he is going to control these young dudes and gals in Parliament should be interesting - they are probably quite ready to shoot their mouths off. At the very least, Parliamentary sessions should be quite entertaining.

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