Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monsignor Reilly Brings the Truth

This is a talk delivered by Monsignor Reilly after his trip to South Korea. He was going to fly via Tokyo but changed his plan and went to Seoul instead, just missing the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. God's hand at work.

Some facts he discloses about South Korea:
- 1000 abortions every day
- the birth rate used to be 4.3 babies per woman, now it is 1.1
- this means that, by the year 2050, South Korea will be simply a country we read about in history books

Regarding his own city of New York, some facts, shocking but they must be known:
- 41 out of every 100 pregnancies ends in abortion
- in the Spanish community, 50 out of every 100 pregnancies ends in abortion
- in the African American community, 70 out of every 100 pregnancies ends in abortion

In China, the birth rate is now 1.6 children per woman, which means that China is now not replacing itself. In the past 40 years, Chinese babies have been aborted to the astounding number of 400 million.

As Stalin said, "one death is a tragedy, one million deaths is a statistic".

What does this mean for the country? what does it mean for ethnic communities? it isn't hard to decipher - it means extinction. Plain and simple: a human disaster of a scale that people simply do not realise.

Some will ask "but what would we do with all those people if they had been born?" And I too wonder how would we cope with the numbers, but I also know that the violence of abortion is not the answer.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Walking for Life

Ten students plus one professor walk across Canada this summer for life. Eight of these students are from Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy in Barry's Bay, Ontario. The professor is also from the Academy, John Paul Meenan (although the reference to Pierce Brosnan is a little sketchy). This is a great post-secondary school, that parents should really consider when their kids go off to college. The staff at OLSWA have at heart the development of the students' faith life as a priority and they want to equip the next generation with the tools they need to live as faithful Catholic Christians in a world that is post-Christian.

My daughter and family are fortunate enough to live close to this community and they have formed strong relationships with members of the faculty. This is an ideal situation for raising children, to have them right in the middle of a believing community. This is a rarity in today's world. Perhaps the only equivalent would be living with a Mennonite community. But perhaps this is what is going to be necessary in this ever more pagan society.

Crossroads Canada

h/t LifeSiteNews

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Down Syndrome children

I posted this in response to a phone call today from a friend whose sister may be facing a diagnosis of Down Syndrome for her 16-week-old baby. The pressure to abort is huge. Please pray that she will have the courage to let God be in control of this baby's life.

I think of Sarah Palin and her courage to face the world with a fifth baby who was not "perfect" - if you have someone like "mama bear" in your court, you can do this.

Helpers of God's Precious Infants

I love this guy. He has the whole prayer vigil thing absolutely right. We go to the place where abortions occur, not to save babies primarily, but our first concern is for those who are getting abortions and for those who are doing them. Because it is their souls that are at risk, not the babies. Yes, we want babies saved, but it is the parents and the abortion personnel who need to have their hearts changed, because when they change, babies will be saved.

In case you think that is not right, look at the fruits of this ministry; Msgr Philip Reilly and his Helpers of the Precious Infants have 5000 turn-arounds (or "saves") per year. Babies are being saved from death, but their parents too are being turned towards God's mercy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Monsignor Reilly and Sidewalk Counseling

A wonderful talk by Monsignor Reilly that took place in London, England just recently. It is 75 minutes long, but well worth listening to.
This is the man who, through his ministry Helpers of God's Precious Infants, turns around 5000 women from abortion in New York City every year. He has spent the last 22 years, praying outside of abortion clinics, five days a week, five hours per day. This man knows what he is talking about.
As he says, 40 Days for Life is wonderful, but it has to become 365 days for life because babies are dying every single day.

Talk by Monsignor Reilly

March for Life Rally Fredericton New Brunswick, May 19 2011

Some photos from the rally at the Legislature in Fredericton, NB. There were approximately 300 people in attendance. I was pleasantly surprised at this, since Halifax (which must be three times bigger than Fredericton) gets only 1/3 that number at its rally, and even less at the candlelight vigil. It confirmed what I thought about Halifax - one tough city when it comes to life issues.

This was a remarkable experience for me; I received so much more than I gave to this. I felt privileged to make the acquaintance of Peter Ryan, a man who has put his life on the line for this work of saving women and babies. And in the process, has raised seven wonderful daughters as well. Impressive.

There were several ministers in attendance, about half a dozen priests and Bishop Harris as well. This issue is front and centre in New Brunswick. I am left wondering how we can make this happen in Halifax.

There is more coverage of the rally at this link

Stand Your Ground

including a video of the talk I gave.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Brunswick Rally for Life

Today, I am in Fredericton, NB for their annual Right to Life rally. Hopefully, the rain will hold off as we are on the steps of the legislature for a couple of hours, then we will walk to the abortion clinic here in Fredericton for a prayer vigil.

I have the camera but forgot to bring the cord to download pictures, so they will appear later once I get back to Halifax. I have been asked to speak as the coodinator of the Halifax 40 Days for Life vigil. And I see a couple of names on the list of people I know; I hope to connect with them and make some new acquaintances in this province. More later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is a Break-Through

Ottawa Mayor declares Respect for Life Day in advance of National March for Life

This is a total surprise; I don't think any mayor in Canada has ever made such a statement before. This guy is brave, let's support him as he gets the flack.

What about contraception?

This morning, while driving around on errands, I had the radio tuned to CJLU and caught part of a program on Focus on the Family. The program dealt with the problem of infertility and the suffering undergone by women who can't bear children.{97C74853-BE9E-4967-8E18-6A1A48D4B2DA}

I did not hear the entire program and this is part two, so there was another one which I also missed. I will listen to them both in their entirety shortly. But I wondered why the ill effects of contraception were never mentioned. Also why was abortion never mentioned? Why were STDs never mentioned?

The women speaking, and I had to feel compassion for them in their struggles, spoke of their inability to conceive and the extensive medical treatments they had undergone in order to get pregnant. While these women may indeed be infertile for reasons not of their own doing, the fact is that much of the infertility we are seeing today is caused by sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia causes infertility in 3% of the women it afflicts*; and these women don`t find out until they try to conceive. It is then they discover that their fallopian tubes are blocked by scar tissue from the STD they had in the past.

There is so much evidence available to show that the sexual practices of many young people are causing the epidemic of infertility that has reared its head now.

I think that, in order to present the truth to listeners, Focus on the Family should also speak about the sexual relationships that have led to the problem women are now facing, when they want to have children. While there are many women who cannot have children, it is also true that much of the infertility has been brought about through our own actions. Unfortunately, this truth is not being told as loudly as it should.

I recall a conference I attended last year where a Catholic doctor spoke of the Creighton method of charting ovulation; her practice consists largely of women suffering from infertility and she helps 40% of them achieve pregnancy through monitoring their bodily cycles and correcting their hormones. Shouldn't that information be presented on a program such as this?

This is where Protestants and Catholics (at least Catholics faithful to the teaching of the church) differ. That darn subject of contraception.
But you know, nature is proving the Catholics to be right. When you mess around with women`s reproductive systems with artificial birth control, you will pay a price. How many women around the world are on the pill? and how many of those women are paying a price for that convenience?

Women deserve to know that what has been consented to and promoted, i.e. artificial birth control, does not do them any favours in the long run. As Dr. Angela Lanfranchi said on the Michael Coren show where is there any other biological system that is functioning correctly and doctors throw in something to make it stop functioning as it was meant and then think there will be no harm done?

I would hope that the Protestant Christians would take a hard look at the issue of birth control and contraception. Because they have really missed a huge issue here, one that needs to be addressed in the light of Godly truth. When you regard sexuality primarily as the way by which married couples can enjoy intimacy and you separate that from the fact that sex makes babies, then you are on dangerous ground. The sexual relationship between a husband and wife is the one area where God allows the human race to co-create with Him. As such, we are standing on sacred ground. Artificial birth control and the separation of sex from procreation tells God that He is not welcome there. And what a mess ensues.

*Chlamydia is a leading cause of infertility in women, who may not be aware they have contracted an infection until they are unable to have children. It is estimated that 3% of women with chlamydial infection will become infertile. Up to 40% of chlamydial infections lead up to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). Women experience repeat episodes of PID suffer a nearly 40% increased risk of ectopic pregnancy or infertility. Health Canada acknowledges that chlamydial PID is the most important preventable cause of infertility. - It's Time to Face the Hidden Epidemic of STIs by Gudrun Schultz, Life Canada News, Jan/Feb 2009

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

For all moms, just because it's so happy. From Paul Simon.

h/t Scaramouche

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thinking Gone Askew

Many people assume, and anti-abortion groups insist, that giving up a baby for adoption is not only an easy choice, but a righteous alternative to abortion. It's not. First of all, it's unusual: less than 1% of women confronting unintended pregnancy today choose adoption. And for the birth mother adoption is difficult, often much more emotionally painful than abortion, according to many studies. With abortion, a woman almost always puts the decision behind her, and moves on; with adoption that can be considerably more challenging.
Cristina Page - Should Adoption be a Reproductive Right?

I am always surprised by how people on the pro-choice side of the abortion issue see everything reversed. The fact that only 1% of women consider adoption these days is, not because adoption is the least preferable choice to abortion, but because abortion has been offered so easily that it is chosen first.

Abortion is the choice that lets everyone else off the hook, while the woman who gets the abortion has to deal with it all, usually alone. Where are those abortion-advisors when she wakes in the night from a nightmare, or when she feels suicidal? They are gone, because she has been left to "deal with it" so that they, not her, can get on with their lives.

When I got involved with pro-life advocacy, I was surprised by the number of people working alongside of me who were adopted themselves. This told me something significant, that they were grateful for the lives they got and were involved in this in order to try and ensure that for others not so fortunate. Often, while holding prayer vigils outside the abortion center, passersby will turn and say "I was adopted" and give us the thumbs-up. Now, why do you suppose they do that? Gosh, I would say they are grateful for their lives.

There are other areas in which pro-choice groups can lend political power on behalf birth mothers. For example, "Safe Haven" laws, now in effect in 49 states, have been tremendously harmful to birth mothers. Safe Haven laws were intended to prevent situations where birth mothers, at the moment of giving birth, feel so desperate without the financial, physical or emotional means to parent a child, that they inflict harm or cause death to their newborn baby. In practice, however, the law serves to deny women, the vast majority of whom would never consider harming the infant, important information about their options. Instead, women who have not yet given birth to a child and/or who have safely given birth to a child within a hospital setting and have indicated that they do not wish to parent their child are inappropriately encouraged to relinquish their baby to "safe haven" in lieu of being offered options counseling so that they may formulate a plan for their baby. This practice has the unintentional and unacceptable consequence of undermining a birth mother when she is at her most vulnerable by depriving her of information about her options, such as open adoption, and the right to reconsider relinquishing her child should she soon after regret her decision to do so. Alterations to these laws are necessary to address these violations.

Once again, the author has missed the point. "Safe havens" exist precisely because the woman is at her most vulnerable; by allowing her to give up her baby, no questions asked, they provide an alternative to killing. Yes, let's call it what it is. Most women can live better with having abandoned a baby to someone who will ensure that it is cared for, than they can live with the fact that they had their own child killed. Do these pro-choice advocates ever really think about the fact that the post-abortive woman carries, in her person, the scene of a murder for the rest of her life?

Once again, they retreat into the statements that these unborn human beings aren't really persons. They have to, because recognizing them as persons would mean that we have to give them the same rights we accord ourselves.

It is just so surprising how upside-down their thinking is from what is normal and sane, what is humane and right.

h/t Huffington Post

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Making Money Off Kids

NEW YORK, May 5 (C-FAM) The UN is about to ask governments to fund the vaccination of every girl in the world against the sexually transmitted disease HPV, human papillomavirus. The controversial campaign could cost as much as $300 per person, totaling billions.

UNFPA and PATH want donor nations to buy the vaccine at $14 per shot. Three shots are required over a period of six months, totaling $42, and the treatment is only good for five years. Seven treatments would be required to cover each woman’s reproductive lifetime.

Advocates warned the assembly that the idea would be contentious. Casting the campaign as an effort to eradicate cervical cancer rather than a massive vaccination program against a sexually transmitted disease will help steer clear of political resistance, they said.

While none of the UN speakers addressed the issue, cervical cancer is caused by HPV infection, which is spread through sexual contact. The panel lamented a dramatic increase in the cancer in the developing world, but were less clear on the reasons for its rise, sidestepping issues of sexual behavior and focusing instead on gaining political will to fund the vaccination program.

Critics are concerned that the vaccination scheme will subsume the fight against cancer into the already well-funded reproductive rights agenda at the UN. They warn that because UNFPA aggressively promotes “sexual rights” for minors, the effort will not address sexual behavior or parental rights regarding medical decisions and could lead to an increase of the disease rather than its cure.

UN Wants Billions for STD Vaccination Scheme

So the organization that people think they can trust with human rights, the UN wants to vaccinate every girl in the world. If they really had women's health as their first concern, would they not be advocating sexual abstinence and, once joined with a partner, sexual fidelity? Those are never mentioned, although Nigeria has proved that promotion of abstinence and fidelity has done the most to reduce AIDS. And they would surely reduce HPV infections and subsequent cervical cancer, which kills half of its victims. We would be better off without the UN altogether.

h/t Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Check Them Out

The newly-elected NDP members of Parliament - this is who you chose, folks.
They include Ruth Ellen Brosseau, an assistant manager at a pub at Carleton University who is vacationing in Vegas and can't be reached (she is scheduled to be taking French language lessons as she can't speak French - don't let her name fool you), four McGill university students and five recent grads (at least those five won't have assignments due), Mattieu Ravignat a former Communist party candidate (but he has a black belt in karate so be careful what you say), Pierre-Luc Dusseault the youngest MP at 19 is a student at Sherbrooke University, to mention just a few. Read about others at the National Post link below

The Really New Democrats

Don't worry, in just four years Canadians will realise what Jack "Velvet Touch" Layton is all about and support will dwindle for the NDP. However, in the meantime, Jack will have his hands busy trying to "whip" his party into shape. How he is going to control these young dudes and gals in Parliament should be interesting - they are probably quite ready to shoot their mouths off. At the very least, Parliamentary sessions should be quite entertaining.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Election Results

But for all Mr. Harper’s success, this was Jack Layton’s election — one that has broken the mould of Canadian politics by taking down the Liberals and the Bloc. The NDP scored a record seat count — 60 from Quebec alone — and Mr. Layton is now heading for Stornoway, as leader of the Official Opposition.

John Ivison, National Post

The runaway win in Quebec was the surprise in this election. Jack Layton courted Quebec voters by promising them his party could deliver the things they wanted from the Bloc, but would never get by virtue of that party never gaining enough ground in federal politics.

I can't help but see a parallel between Quebec's voting in this election and the difficulties facing the Catholic Conference of Bishops. The country is held to ransom by petulant citizens who think they should be able to get things their way.

An interesting take on Canadian politics is a recent article by Conrad Black, written just two days before the election.

But to the extent there was a kind of two-party system (after the Progressive Conservatives and Reform united), the chances of a majority government were sharply diminished by the almost assured election of about 80 Bloc and NDP MPs. It has been an absurd state of affairs, whereby the second largest province was chiefly represented in the federal Parliament by a party whose raison d’ĂȘtre was the disassembly of the country and the secession of Quebec.

Though Quebec finally has soured on the BQ, it cannot return without embarrassment to the traditional parties, after such a lengthy dalliance in the independentist asylum. Quebeckers are naturally quite conservative, the descendants of avaricious, hard-scrabble Normans and Bretons, but affect social democracy chiefly as an intellectually presentable method for soaking the Anglo minority within. By moving en masse to the NDP, they can effectively take over that party, and seem likely to provide its next leader, while continuing to sing their pious, dubiously motivated, socialist fables.

The next phase of this very successful, majestically gradual political evolution is already announced: After the proverbial decent interval, the Liberals and no-longer-New Democrats should merge — with the political centrists among the Liberals and Quebec nationalists joining the Conservatives — giving the country two parties, one 10 yards to the right of centre field, and the other 15 yards to the left.

This happened in England, and the Liberal party there faded away after years of being a strong force. It will be interesting to see how Parliament works with these two parties that are so diametrically opposed to each other on so many issues.

Still, I am thrilled that Harper got a majority in Parliament and relieved that the Liberals were ousted so soundly, especially from populous Ontario. Perhaps Dalton McGuinty should realise his days are numbered too.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Day Poem

From Scaramouche

I'm hoping Canadians will be inspired by the news of bin Laden's death to turn out in record numbers to vote against Taliban Jack. Here's my anthemic plea:

Oh, Canada,
Please don't vote NDP.
If they get in--
Quel vrai catastrophe!
They're determined and awf'ly "virtuous".
They want to "save" our land.
But hand them the reigns and we'll have to do
What Socialists command.
God help us all.
Last thing we need.
Oh, Canada,
Don't put Jack in the lead.
Oh, Canada if Layton leads we'll bleed.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The NDP's Hidden Agenda

Well, not Jack Layton's hidden agenda, since he wasn't keeping it hidden at all. Let's hope that the story of Layton being found naked in a Toronto massage parlour in 1996 will do sufficient damage to the party in this election, but don't hold your breath. Just remember Clinton, and his exposed "indiscretions" in the White House didn`t hurt him one bit. People are willing to forgive sexual sins, because everyone has one to cover up. I wish people knew more about the NDP in general though, because I don`t think they would like this agenda one bit.

How much more can there be? They've got plans for what amounts to a 10¢-a-litre cap-and-trade tax on gasoline, doubled pension plan contributions, corporate tax increases, plus a long list of plans and schemes to newly regulate pharmaceuticals, banking, oil, food, telecom, railways and many other industries. As for monetary policy, not mentioned in the platform but recently the subject of comment, Mr. Layton says that he wants to maintain an "arm's length" relationship with the Bank of Canada, although he apparently at the same time intends to jawbone the bank over interest rates and the value of the dollar...

The CBC’s Leslie MacKinnon recently reported on the NDP’s official constitution, a 2003 document that specifies why the NDP exists. It turns out the NDP constitution is itself a hidden agenda...

The New Democratic Party is proud to be associated with the democratic socialist parties of the world and to share the struggle for peace, international co-operation and the abolition of poverty.

Jack Layton's Hidden Agenda

A reminder to Catholic voters:
JOHN XXIII (1958-1963) of Vatican II fame: “No Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism”

Moderate socialism, the NDP is not even moderate; if they get any more power in Canada, we will be headed into even more socialism than we already have. Their plan is for more and more government interference in the lives of ordinary citizens. Now some people think that is good, after all, looking after everyone seems to be right and just. However, as Margaret Thatcher said "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."

Name me one country that has been successful once they adopt socialism as their policy?