Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who's Going to Push Back?

“Groups for LGBT students that counsel the students to reform their sexuality or try to stop them from being gay are not considered consistent with the ministry’s equity policy which is to support students,” said Mike Feenstra, press secretary for Minister of Education Leona Dombrowsky.

So not only does the government mandate that Catholic schools must allow for gay alliance clubs to be set up, they also prohibit the formation of a group that would offer assistance to students who might feel confused about their sexual orientation. Well, that is real freedom, isn't it?

Schools have become the tool of government and the minds of young children can now be indoctrinated any way some administrator deems correct. Without any input from parents, just by decree. Isn't this the way the Nazis indoctrinated young Germans?

Someone needs to lead the charge here; I hope and pray that some lawyer or priest or bishop, one with a clever mind, steps up to challenge this mandate by the Ontario Board of Education.

When gays form less than 2% of the population, who says that the rest of us have to bend over backwards to ensure that they are not discriminated against? In so doing, the other 98% of "straights" have to be subjected to all the politically-correct garbage that is being dumped on us. And, for those of us who are Christian, we are being discriminated against by the very ones who are claiming discrimination is hateful and wrong.

This issue is not about protecting some poor kid who feels maligned because he may or may not be gay; this is about a radical agenda of homosexuality, with its sinful lifestyle, being fobbed off on those who want no part of it. And the weapon they use against Christians is the very love and acceptance that are the Christian credo. What they fail to see is that Jesus loved the sinner, but he never accepted the sin. As Catholic Christians, it is our duty to uphold that difference.

Push back, folks, this has gone far enough.

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