Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Planned Parenthood and Obama

Margaret Sanger addressing Ku Klux Klan
Note the number of women in KKK robes (check the legs in stockings)

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It is well known that Sanger advocated for eliminating those members of the population that she thought inferior, namely people with coloured skin, people with mental disorders, people with physical disabilities. In short, Sanger was a eugenist.

So why does Obama give undying support to Planned Parenthood, the organization that claims Sanger as their founder? In the recent debate in Congress, Obama refused to take away any funding from Planned Parenthood. When John Boehner asked for some defunding of Planned Parenthood as part of the deal made recently between Obama and the GOP, Obama's response was "nada". Why? Why is Obama beholden to Planned Parenthood? Why is his promise of support for PP more important than other promises he has made, on which he has renegged?


The President’s total inability to make even the smallest cut to Planned Parenthood’s federal taxpayer funding should trouble those who are also concerned about our government’s record-high spending, debt and deficits. If Obama can not even defund even a corrupt, harmful organization like Planned Parenthood how will he ever cut bloated government entitlements – entitlements which you and I are being forced to fund? - Thomas Peters, American Papist

The amount of money given to PP by the federal government is under 400 million, while the national debt has spun out of control into the trillions. Even major trimming of the money given to PP would be a drop in a bucket, even less actually. The amount of the debt is staggering, impossible to comprehend, perhaps that is why Americans don't seem to be taking it that seriously and actually think that the US can recover from this.

Why the allegiance to Planned Parenthood, an organization that has been shown to be protecting sex offenders, to be hiding the sexual abuse of minors, to be operating clinics that fail to meet health regulations, and an organization that was started by a woman who was racist?

I think the answer is that Obama really doesn't care about these issues; to him, they are small potatoes. His interest is in remaking America to his vision of a country that is no longer "exceptional" in the world, a country that just stands alongside all the others with its values being given equal standing with those of countries whose leaders are refusing people their basic freedoms. In reshaping America to be an equal player in the world, rather than the country that could be called upon to lead in moral values, Planned Parenthood and their abuses simply don't matter to Obama. He keeps his promises to PP because they provide a voter base that he cannot afford to lose, those who vote Democrat from force of habit. And he can't afford to lose the next election, because he has a plan for the USA that is going to take more than four years to execute.

In his world view, aborted babies don't count for much, if anything. After all, this is a man who was abandoned by both his parents and raised by white grandparents. He is a man who does not see himself so much as an African American but as an African who happens to be American. There is a big difference.

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