Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Damning Evidence Against Planned Parenthood

Mark Crutcher and Life Dynamics have been collecting evidence against Planned Parenthood since 2002 on the coverup of sexual abuse of minors. Yesterday they made public tapes never before released; Mark says the reason for the delay is that they have been trying to get PP to sue them for years. If PP sued Life Dynamics, then Life Dynamics would have access to much more information about Planned Parenthood through freedom of information legislation. PP did not fall for the bait, so Crutcher has decided to release the tapes.

91% of all Planned Parenthood clinics showed willingness to cover up the sexual abuse of minors and to provide girls under the age of 14 with ways to circumvent the law to obtain abortions, things like getting around parental consent laws, ways to cover up ages of boyfriends.

And President Obama is wedded to Planned Parenthood. He is keen to keep their support that he will overlook all the damning evidence that is coming forward. What other principles does this President have?

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