Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kind of Embarrassing

I would be embarrassed if this happened to me. Perhaps Archbishop Martin Currie doesn't embarrass easily.

D & P wrote the report, but his signature is on it

Sounds like carelessness to me. After all, AB Currie went to Mexico to investigate the five groups that LifeSiteNews had accused of being pro-abortion, he returned and said "no problem", then goes home to Newfoundland and now claims that the report that was written was not written by him!

“I came back to Newfoundland and the report was being prepared at the office of Development & Peace, and I think by the CCCB by Mario Paquette,” said Archbishop Currie. “By Mario Paquette and by Michael Casey and them. I did not know anything about how the report was prepared. All I know, I went down there and I was a part of the delegation – LaPierre and myself.”

Is he trying to pass the buck onto Paquette and Casey or is he just trying to squirm out of this mess himself? Or is he just dismissive of the whole issue and doesn't think it that important? Time will tell, but at least LifeSiteNews has been shown to have exhibited the most integrity in all of this scandal.

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