Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Vote in Good Conscience

I am dismayed as I notice the political signs popping up on the lawns of people who should know better. But as my husband says, people are ignorant and politicans count on that.

From the May issue of Catholic Insight, here are some facts about which Catholics (and Christians) should be apprised:

a. The NDP. It was the first party to call for legal abortion (in 1967). It has an official pro-abortion plank in its constitution. It has no pro-life MPs. No faithful catholic should vote for this party despite its claim to champion the common man. In 2010 the entire caucus voted twice for abortion, first in the spring, then in December.

b. The Liberals. Pierre Trudeau made the killing of the unborn legal in 1969. Jean Chretien declared the party to be officially "pro-choice" in the 1990s. Paul Martin passed Canada's same-sex "marriage" law (SSM) in 2005. All three laid claim to being Catholics. The party's recent leaders, Stephane Dion, Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae, (Ignatieff's understudy), are atheists who are devotedly pro-abortion. This they proved again in Parliament in 2010 (see NDP). Today the Liberals have only eight or nine pro-life MPs, mostly in the Toronto area (check out www.CampaignLifeCoalition.com).

c. The Greens. The party is anti-people, anti-child, pro-abortion, pro-SSM. Despite this overwhelming anti-life stand, in 2007 the editor of the Western Catholic Reporter diocesan weekly in Edmonton ran as a candidate for this party. Apparently he thinks that animals and trees are more important than people.

d. The Conservatives. Many of its MPS are pro-life. Harper is not. Some people claim he is only waiting to achieve a majority before he will reverse course into a pro-life direction. Harper says he will not. I take him at his word. The others take it that Harper is a liar and that this liar will straighten himself out as soon as he has his majority.

As far as I can see Harper will do nothing of the kind. Polygamy may become an issue if a B.C. court rules the ban against it is unconstitutional. Parliament may be called upon to address polygamy. Harper will do nothing. Polygamy is a natural consequence of the 2005 same-sex "marriage" legislation, which threw out the definition of marriage as a voluntary union between one man and one woman. Harper says he will not touch it.

The same thing may happen with prostitution, (and with transsexual "rights") which a misguided Ontario judge has ruled should be permitted.

As for ageing, and the demographic crisis facing Canada, Mr. Harper, who sees himself as an economist, has forgotten to take them into account in his budgetary and long-range economic forecasts.

1. Vote only for pro-life canddiates- Conservative and the few Liberals who are known to be pro-life.
2. After the election, tell pro-life Conservatives to "Get Alive" and to form a sub-group in the Party to force Harper to either take pro-life seriously or get out as leader.
3. If there is a CHP (Christian Heritage Party)candidate, who is pro-life, and there is no other pro-life MP in your riding, by all means vote for that candidate.
- Father Alphonse de Valk, editor of Catholic Insight


Suzanne said...

I handed in a blank vote. ¸

Remember to punish Harper if there are no pro-life MPs in your riding.

Jaclyn said...

We're very fortunate here that our Conservative candidate is a devout Catholic and - naturally - very pro-life. My decision is a no-brainer. It will be a pleasure to (hopefully) see him re-elected.

Melissa said...

I'm wondering, Julie, just where you are getting your information on the Greens. There seems to be this dichotomy in conservative Catholic thought--if you are pro-environment you are necessarily anti-people.

I've been through the Green party platform, and there is nothing there to suggest that they are anti-people or anti-child. Elizabeth May did make some really pro-life statements at one time, but has since backpedalled.

i'm not trying to convince you to vote for the greens. I probably won't vote for them myself, although I have in the past. it's just that, well, I've read Glen Argan's columns weekly for a very long time, and I find it vaguely slanderous that someone would suggest that he would put animals and trees in front of people. He's always struck me as being of a social justice bent, but he is firmly and solidly Catholic, and firmly and solidly pro-life.

Julie Culshaw said...

Melissa, the statement about the Green party is taken directly from the editorial in May's Catholic Insight. Sorry, I don't know this journalist you mention. So I can't speak to that.
From what I can see, most environmental groups focus on the environment first and all other issues come second.
Sometimes they even seem to want to regress to a simpler lifestyle, but they preach to the West while ignoring that the majority of pollution is being done by China and India. Yet they never speak to the issues of those countries, human rights etc, so their policies would only effect change in a very small portion of the world. I do think they see the world through their green lenses.