Sunday, April 17, 2011

Halifax Church Bulletin wrong on voting advice

This week's Sunday bulletin from the Archdiocese of Halifax has an item entitled Election Issue.
As Christians and Canadians we have a responsibility to serve the poor.
Go to and see if the candidates in your riding have pledged to narrow the huge gap that exists between the rich and the poor of this nation and to more fairly distribute the wealth of this great land. Encourage them to do so. Ask them how they will keep this pledge. Make this a vital issue in this election.

Just last week, the very same bulletin posted the 2011 Federal Election Guide given to us by the Canadian Conference of Bishops. Listed as the first guideline is "respect for life from conception to natural death".

I emailed the Archdiocese of Halifax immediately upon getting home and I certainly hope to receive a reply.

The bulletin of April 17 has an item entitled Election Issue in which Catholics are encouraged to make the discrepancy between rich and poor "a vital issue in this election."

I would like to refer you to the bulletin of April 10 in which the Canadian Conference of Bishops listed as the first priority in voting: "respect for life and human dignity: from conception to natural death".

This week's bulletin announcement sounds like a ringing endorsement of the NDP party. Everyone in this province knows that poverty is a priority of the New Democrats; however the right to life of the unborn is not.

There are mixed messages being given here; and I wonder if the person who writes these notices realises that they are not in line with Catholic teaching on voting in conscience. While I fully understand that we have a duty towards the poor in society, we must always first and foremost support the right to life of every conceived human being, as the Holy Father has been encouraging us to do. Being concerned about those we can see does not mean we can put those who are unseen on the back burner.

Julie Culshaw

I am left wondering if there is someone working in the archdiocese who is doing a favour for the NDP by putting in that notice. It is so obviously a retort to the previous week's announcement. As someone who once voted NDP herself, I can honestly say now that it is wrong for any Catholic to vote NDP. This party, while it does put poverty high on its priority list, also fully supports legal abortion, same sex marriage, and is pro-euthanasia and pro-assisted suicide. I would ask any Catholic, or Christian for that matter, what part of that agenda don't you understand? Or are you willing to overlook?

Update: I checked the site listed - and there is a link to a pulpit statement from Archbishop Martin Currie of the diocese of St. John's, Nfld.

Speak to your local candidates when they visit or go to listen to them at rallies. Ask them how they will stop this widening gap between rich and poor. Make this issue – the growing gap between rich and poor – the issue that determines your vote.

"The issue that determines your vote?" This comes from the same Archbishop who headed up the investigation into Development & Peace, that found no fault with the groups in Mexico that were pro-abortion. Just this past week, Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa canceled talks to be given by Father Arriaga who represented one of the groups Currie found no fault with. I'm sorry, but this is one man whose advice I will not be seeking.

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Anonymous said...

Narrowing the gap between the rich and poor mothers will indeed reduce the number of abortions by eliminating financial considerations from the decision. Making abortions readily available is meaningless if there are fewer abortions in the process. Poverty and abortion are related.