Friday, March 25, 2011

Yeah for Canadian Bishops!

Bishops of Canada list right to life of unborn as #1 issue in election guide

From LifeSiteNews, today the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops issued an election guide in which they listed “Respect for life and human dignity: from conception to natural death” as the top issue in voting.

Today Prime Minister Harper called for the dissolution of Parliament given a non-confidence vote by the three opposition parties. The Liberals are trying to make this an election based on ethical behaviour since they found the Conservatives to be "in contempt" of Parliament. However, most people will think this election to be about economics, as most elections are.

What would happen if believing Catholics made this an election about life? Wow, the Canadian Parliament would be forced to re-open the abortion debate.

Share this with your parish priest and with your bishop. This needs to be talked about a lot in our churches.

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