Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Telling the Truth

A happy ending to the Baby Joseph story as Joseph Maraachli had a tracheotomy a few days ago and plans are underway to return him to the care of his parents in Canada. Read the synopsis of the story here and, if you are able, please consider giving a donation to LifeSiteNews. It was through their persistent reporting of the story that it gained the attention of Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, and then in turn got the attention of Fox News. The story spread and support was gathered for the family, who was simply asking that their boy be given a tracheotomy so that they could bring him home and care for him there. This is not a story of a family that is in denial, Joseph's parents know that he does not have long to live, but they wanted that time to be spent with them so that they could provide him with the love and care that he deserved. Without the aid of LifeSiteNews, Baby Joseph would have died when the hospital in London turned off the ventilator and let him choke to death within minutes.

Some will say, "well he was going to die anyway" but the point of this story is as Alex Schadenberg so clearly points out.

The baby Joseph case is about who has the right to decide and what is in the best interest of baby Joseph... The law's inequality has resulted in a growing body of precedent-setting cases that constantly increase the power of the doctor/hospital to make medical decisions against the wishes of the family. This must change.

Subsequent to this story follows a story of another child at the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto who was at first denied a tracheotomy, but has since been given one. One has to wonder if the baby Joseph case has opened some eyes or perhaps made some medical professionals more aware that they are accountable to the public for their decisions.

In any event, kudos to all who helped in this case, Alex Schadenberg, Father Frank Pavone, the Terry Schiavo Life and Hope Network, the Christian Defense Coalition, and LifeSiteNews. If baby Joseph was your child or relative, I think you would want these folks to be there for you too.

Don't forget that LifeSiteNews is a free service available online to anyone in the world. They continue to do their important life-affirming work with the donations of those who recognize the importance of this service.

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