Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silence from Canadian Pro-Life Movement

Joseph Maraachli will probably die and his parents know this. They simply want to be able to care for him at home and a tracheotomy would enable them to do this. But doctors and a Canadian judge have decided that they will not perform this simple surgery because this child's life is not worth it. They proposed to remove his ventilator and let him choke to death. Enter Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life who has managed to get this baby released from hospital in Canada and transported to a Catholic hospital in Missouri where the surgery will most likely be done by the end of the week.

I cannot find one single statement by any Catholic clergy in Canada on the Baby Joseph case.

Are they afraid to speak against the ruling of a judge? Are they afraid to question the advice of doctors and a medical board of a hospital? Are they just plain afraid to even speak up in defense of a life that has been deemed not worth living? What else could account for this silence?

Does it take the American pro-life leaders to fight a battle that should be waged by Canadians? It boggles my mind that no one in Canada has issued a statement of support for the parents of Baby Joseph, no Canadian Catholic group has organized a system of donation to help with expenses for this medical treatment. Is the Catholic Church in Canada really mute in this case, which so obviously is at the heart of the pro-life movement? If we do not care to give this child a decent chance at life and a better death should he die, how can we dare to show up at any pro-life event and proclaim that we are pro-life? We are missing-in-action.

I have often said to my fellow pro-life Canadians that I wished we had some American spirit up here, but now I really know that this is true. What is it going to take to get Canadians to care enough to do anything?

Alex Schadenberg has written about the real crux of this case, which is the power of the state/hospital/medical boards versus the rights of parents/care-givers. This is an important article to read. Click here
Baby Joseph - What Now? for Alex's post.

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