Wednesday, March 23, 2011

National March for Life

Archbishop Prendergast has said that he will take part in the national March for Life to be held in Ottawa on May 13, despite the use of graphic signs. In his words,

“Personally I’m not sure the graphic signs help, so I just look away,” he told Canadian Catholic News. “But the National March is a big umbrella gathering organized by lay people, and they have many approaches to defending life.”

Mary Ellen Douglas, spokesperson for Campaign Life Coalition (the organizers of the March) said that the march is not Catholic but includes anyone who is pro-life. However, in Alberta, the bishops have been part of the organizing group for their march, and this is perhaps the reason for the problem they are experiencing.

The national March last year was estimated at 12,500 people as compared to Alberta's which I heard was around 400. Of course, graphic signs in a march of 400 are going to be much more predominant than in a march of twelve and a half thousand.

Now if we could get the attendance in Nova Scotia to exceed one hundred, we would be thrilled.

h/t LifeSiteNews

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