Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Message to the Church

Let’s say the government passed a law to allow the killing of one priest every year. Do you not think that, when you went to church, you would hear frequent calls to protest vigorously about this? Do you think it would be excused on the grounds that the government has good policies on overseas aid or other issues? There is no difference in God’s eyes between a Catholic priest and an unborn child.

The Church is forgetting that the unborn children is Her neighbour, so it’s like the parable of the neighbour who walks by on the other side of the street. Yet it is the worst catastrophe in terms of mass killing in the history of the world. So how can it not be the greatest issue that the Church has to face?
- John Smeaton, in an interview on Gloria TV, during the latest Human Life International conference in Austria.

Society of Protection of the Unborn Child

Smeaton goes so far as to say that, when bishops cooperate with the government on education as they are in England at present, they are not being pastors of the flock, they are acting as junior politicians.

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